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Upcycled Bag Companies We Like

Matthew MahlerComment

When it comes to finding materials to upcycle, there are many companies using both pre- and post-consumer waste materials and turning them into beautiful products.  Here's a listing of just a few of our favorites that are recycling what could have been waste materials into brand new goods.

  •  Elvis and Kresse create an amazing line of red upcycled bags and accessories from London's decommissioned fire hoses.  
  • Alchemy Goods has been turning worn out rubber bicycle inner tubes into great urban bags and more.  They're located in Seattle and have recycled more than a half a million bike innertubes.
  • Looptworks is a maker of bags, accessories and apparel from a wide variety of recycled materials including felt, leather, and neoprene.  Based in Seattle, they partner with companies wanting to turn their waste stream into fabulous new products.

The photos in this post were taken from the company websites.


Skinny Stitch Belt by Elvis and Kresse

Dravus Messenger Bag by Alchemy Goods

Felt and Leather Messenger Bag by Looptworks