Inspired By Flight. Bags Crafted By Hand.

Skyebags is a maker of recycled leather bags constructed with genuine repurposed airline leather from Delta Air Lines.  Skyebags is for all those who love to recycle and are called to the adventure of flight and travel.  We are dedicated to creating classic simplicity, thorough craftsmanship and a consistent hand-made quality.  Our small collection is designed in Raleigh, North Carolina by Founder, Matthew Mahler, and is made with care in the USA.

We emphasize sustainable, low-impact practices throughout our operation, from our repurposed materials to our recycled packaging.  The process begins with collecting genuine reclaimed aircraft seatback covers in Atlanta, Georgia.  We transport the reclaimed leather to Raleigh where they are cleaned with saddle soap and water, graded and processed.  In our workshop, we use hand tools and a 1973 industrial Singer sewing machine to cut and sew the leather into bags.   Each bag is unique and varies slightly in appearance because of what they were and of what they have become. 

Why Purchase Recycled Goods from Skyebags?

With Each Bag ...

                                               400 gallons of water are conserved in constructing each Kitty Haw Tote.

                                               Our upcycled goods use less energy and transportation fuels during manufacturing. 

                                               We have offset carbon emissions through the TNC Carbon Offset Program.  

                                               10% of profit has been donated to The Nature Conservancy since 2010.

                                                Handmade goods are our commitment to detail and quality craftsmanship.

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Our collection is made in the USA with repurposed aircraft textiles donated by